Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting used to my new life..

So the daughter & her cowboy boyfriend have moved in; I had to go back to Boston for one more load Monday. The sperm donor (her "father") took most of the rest of her stuff Tuesday afternoon and she finished up Wednesday morning.

My computer now sits in a corner of my living room; speaking of know those crazy stories that pop up occasionally on the news about weird pack rat people who have to be rescued because their 74 cats have staring gnawing on their toes? And they have little 12" wide pathways thru all the crap  stacked to the ceilings  in their houses? My house looks like that now, kinda. Except for all the cats. But she did bring a fish tank home. I HATE fish in tanks.

But the boyfriend DID mow my lawn, unbidden, this week. SCORE!

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