Thursday, May 28, 2009

As I Live & Breathe!

Some stitchy progress on Garden Grew:


I shifted the scroll, so you won't be seeing the full effect for a while, sorry. But I'm happy because it's nice & taut.

More stocking:

Mar 11

I didn't have the last 2 floss colors on me, but luckily, it was about time to leave. Joanne brought the most luscious pastries from an Italian bakery in Weymouth. I totally inhaled an eclair- a FULL size, regulation, eclair, with real chocolate ganache, thank you very much! Delish, as Rach would exclaim.

I explained at  S & B tonight about my awkward computer set-up for the summer. My system is shoved over in the corner of the living room on what amounts to an end table. It's not the right height & I can't pull my chair directly in front, or set my legs underneath. My elbows are needling into my thighs as I type hunched forward. This & my lack of privacy, and the total disruption of my "schedule" due to the presence of my roommates (who aren't very disruptive, actually, as all things go), has kind of put a crimp in my blogging & stitching. Plus I've been reading like a fiend, which also tends to be to the exclusion of anything else. I've finished my pile of books, though, so maybe I can try to pick up the tail end of the thread, so to speak. I've been toying a little with a blog rotation: quote of the day one day, recipe another, photo of the day, I don't know; maybe it'll rekindle my blogging mojo.

Well, this has been the longest post in quite some time. Thank you for your interest & patience!


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Wanda said...

It sounds like things are sort of upside down for you right now. Your garden, though, continues to grow and I hope this brings new ideas in how to settle back into things that you love. I'm glad the roommates are working will all work out sooner or later!