Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Infrequent Tuesday Post

Didn't ride tonight; I was going to walk the Axester, but she had cut herself on the upper edge of her hoof, at the coronet band, which is like the quick on a fingernail. Instead of getting it all dirty in the indoor, I opted to let her chill out in her stall. I raked the track in the indoor then I came home and covered my firewood pile from the monsoons predicted for tomorrow, then started this post.

I worked a little on PS Xmas eve yesterday:

PS XMAS eve5

Best laid plans and all: I was going to stitch some more at lunch again today, except we had a new copier delivered to the office just before lunch, and my boss was hanging around. totally blew my lunch break.

I tried one of those hot-set jewels on a scrap of Aida:

test jewel

It actually bonded surprisingly well. I'm very impressed with the idea; the heat tool crapped out after about 5 jewels though. I tried 2 additional sets of batteries and it wouldn't get warm anymore at all. I exchanged it for a different brand this afternoon that's a plug-in model with different tips. I have just ONE more jewel to attach to one of the wedding Snugglis, then those are finished. I'll try to get photos tomorrow (if I remember the camera!)

My gawd- this has turned into a real post! Time for some TV.

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