Thursday, October 22, 2009


I came across a new meme today. You Google the word unfortunately plus your name in quotes. So my search would look like this:

"unfortunately Mary"

And these are some of the hits I received:

Unfortunately, Mary has been making some public statements that have hurt her reputation.

Unfortunately Mary's cooking was rather basic, which means that nobody would eat it, and the restaurant closed in short order.

Unfortunately, Mary could not compete in the competition because the routine she had planned was working with more than one dog.

Unfortunately, Mary needed to marry in order to be taken more seriously and to ward off unwanted attention by men hoping to gain her hand in marriage lest start rumors that would compromise her virtue.
Unfortunately, Mary's white blood cell count was low again this morning.

Unfortunately, Mary discovered that lobbyists could invest years into something and never know if it would come to fruition.

Unfortunately, Mary Elizabeth didn't have much to say regarding her experiences with death and destiny.

Unfortunately, Mary doesn't share (or even understand) her desires.

Unfortunately, Mary's story is common.


Jeesh! I could write a really funny book with these!

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