Monday, October 19, 2009

Let it Snow...

I've started the snow on PS Christmas Eve:

PS XMAS eve8

My plan is to add blending filament to the snowflakes, so I'm holding off on those as long as possible.

In other snow news, the Patriots opened a can of whoop-ass all over the Tennessee Titans. They were doomed as soon as the snow started.

Snow was still on the shady areas of the ground at work by the time I left this afternoon.

I had an eye exam tonight. The nice doctor showed me the huge difference readers/bifocals would make. And the nice receptionist kept adding double and triple digits to the $99 price on their "value" eyeglasses, first for progressive-ness, then for ultra-lite lenses. I used the excuse that I need Em with me to pick out frames because I can't see myself to know how good bad I look in any particular frames, and walked out with my prescription. Plus, when I asked if I could get over the counter readers for stitching, he immediately said "NO!" Maybe because of my nearsightedness issses? I'm pretty sure BJ's or someone offers 2 pairs for $99. I bet I could get a pair of readers and a pair of distance glasses for that deal.

I'm getting anxious to start The Pumpkin Conspiracy; i might pick out fabric from my stash tonight.....

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