Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wandering Wednesday Wrecipes

No cooking to speak of this week, so I shall point you towards some food blogs that always have awesome recipes and far superior photography to the pitiful “snaps” I routinely offer you.


 Closet Cooking  Kevin always has interesting, extremely varied offerings. Beautiful, scrumptious photos that make you want to try every recipe


Cookie Madness Anna has THE BEST cookie recipes! I’ve made more than a few. (And my hips show it!) She has everything organized in her side bar. I highly recommend you scroll thru her site. She also usually describes alternate ingredients and/or tweaks to suit any appetite.


Smitten Kitchen Another blogger who has a vast repertoire of different culinary styles. She’s just had a baby and has been cooking up a storm! She was also a recent guest on The Pioneer Woman. Which leads me to:

The Pioneer Woman Cooks You all know who Ree is: our favorite city girl turned rancher wife. She’s all about the butter. (enough to make Paula Deen look like a feather weight.)

Have you checked out Tasty Kitchen? Ree made an off-shoot to her main blog that is interactive with readers in that you can upload your own recipes. Members can rate and comment about the recipes.

Last-but-not-least is not really a source of recipes, but it IS food related. If you are having a bad day, then this site will definitely make you laugh out loud. Cake Wrecks is, without a doubt, one of the most wittiest blogs out there.

I hope you enjoy these sites. Do you ever scroll thru other bloggers’ favorite blogs? It’s a great way to find new writers of similar interest/perspective.

See you next week with a recipe, I hope!

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