Friday, July 9, 2010

I want Winter back!!!!!

There’s not enough fan-age in my house to keep things cool. I have 2 going in the living room- one on a stand that rotates back & forth, and a box fan sitting on the floor that I point entirely in my direction. That makes things almost tolerable. My downstairs windows face the wrong direction to catch any breezes. I can get my upstairs cooler than my down, just because my windows are situated such that I can get some cross ventilation.

We had some delicious cupcakes at stitching last night, courtesy of our fearless leader, Deborah. Check out her pictures on her new blog, Cranberry Samplings. I must confess that I was the ONLY one who ate my 2 selections. (Hangs head in sheepish embarrassment). What can I say, I had my tiny ham sandwich way back at 11:30, and I was HUNGRY! I also did not have any supper once I was home. So there!

So Chicken was diagnosed with an acute allergic reaction to flea bites- it only takes one nibble and it sets off this huge chain reaction of itching, biting, irritation. So while I’ve never seen the evidence of fleas, nor did my previous vet, during this episode that has lasted since last August, the new vet’s opinion is that “This is SO.” He gave her a steroid injection, which I’m to follow up with 3 week’s worth of tablets, plus an oil to squirt on her food, plus a flea control spray for my house. I’m not sure about this vet, he didn’t really allow me any questions- he kept talking over me like a parent talking over a protesting child (even though I wasn’t protesting anything- EEERRRGGG!) I will defer my opinion of him when I see poor Chicken’s skin clear up and the itching subsides ENTIRELY. I was pleasantly surprised when the bill only came to $92, especially since I was provided with 3 take-home products, and she had an injection. This was a LOT less than the previous vet. I had to run home, drop Chickie off, and then run back up town to attend a Planning Board meeting, so I didn’t really even look at my bill until the following morning, which is when I realized they hadn’t charged me for the oil or the fogger. So maybe I’m too honest, but I respect vets, and all they do, and I wanted to maintain a good relationship with this one, in case he actually cures my dog’s problem, so I called & informed the secretary of her mistake, and offered her my credit card over the phone or I could stop in after work. “You can stop in this afternoon- no problem. Bye now”, she more or less says, but no thank you. ???? You’d think she’d be a little appreciative that I’d ‘fess up that she’d undercharged me by what ends up being $31 worth of products. Even after I go in, and pay, and she even explains to a co-worker that she “forgot to add this to her bill yesterday”, she still NEVER says thank you. Call me crazy, but I’d be so grateful that someone had the decency to correct my error in the customer’s favor, if I was in her shoes. Oh well. It must be that guilty catholic upbringing that I had, that she apparently didn’t.

Maybe I’ll post pix of Quaker Halloween later- I’m smoking along this week. My boss has instituted a “Fridays off” policy for the months of July & August. This is actually kind of tough for me- work-a-holic that I am. Plus it’s air conditioned there!hot dog

Happier days!


Lee said...

Oh no. You didn't just say that! Don't you remember this?

Marcy said...

Hi -- this is my first visit here and I completely agree -- it's too hot!! Poor pup -- I hate fleas -- I hope she gets better.

Deborah said...

Thanks, Mary, the cupcakes were good. I hope Chickie is feeling better. You do need to get the boy child to put that airconditioner in the window.

Peggy Lee said...

I 100% agree with you about the "thank you" thing. I recently had a similar situation. I knew I was doing the right thing and that's the only thing that made the absence of gratitude tolerable.