Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wilted Wednesday Wrecipes…

Too hot to cook this week, although I DID make that pasta salad I showed you last week. Here are my pictures: (feel free to LOL):

pesto mac1

I used this store-brand pesto. Maybe another brand, or certainly, homemade would be tastier. I’ve never “used” pesto before, so is it supposed to be thick – spread-ably thick?

pesto mac2

Toss the drained pasta with a splash of EVOO. God I hate that acronym! Olive oil!

pesto mac3

Pretty colors!

pesto mac4

I mixed the “sauce” ingredients together first, then stirred this into veggies & pasta.

pesto mac5

And here’s my messy result. Maybe I should have photo’d the final product in a nice bowl, or at least scraped down the little green bits.

The salad was quite yummy; it was delish warm. I had to re-salt the next day- it had lost flavor, and gotten dryer. The shallot was also more pronounced, and that flavor seemed to dominate when cold. Also- MOST IMPORTANT- I halved the recipe!!! It makes a bucket load. I would make this again, but I think it needs some tweaking. Definitely halve the recipe until you try it.

I never mentioned that I made a batch of The Pioneer Woman’s Restaurant Salsa a few weeks ago. It was excellent! The best salsa I’ve ever had! But it makes a wheelbarrow load! Definitely halve that recipe unless you’re making it for a party.

Stay cool!


Anna van Schurman said...

Definitely try PW's Sundried tomato pasta salad.

And yes, pesto is pretty thick. I like Butoni's for quick, but homemade is simple and delicious.

Deborah said...

I loved the salad. i only made half and had alot left over. I did add alittle more pesto and mayo the next day.