Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Living Large

I finally broke down & installed the window A/C in my bedroom- aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I was even able to dry my hair with a dryer before work yesterday because I was cool and dry, instead of pinning it up wet.

Today’s project was getting the A/C fixed in my car. It was a hole in the condenser, just as I thought. The local garage was able to fix it, parts & installation, for about half of the evil mega-corporation, Toyota. Unfortunately, the shield Toyota designed for the next model year up from mine, will not fit and cannot be altered to fit my car. And thanks to our illustrious, stimulus big spender of a president, EVERY free kin’ highway I have to travel to get to work has been ground up in prep for re-paving (can we say for the 3rd and 4th times respectively for Rt.24 and Rt.495, since I moved down here 20 + years ago????) whether they need it or not. Which is probably where the rock that caused the hole came from, and will probably come from again. *SIGH*

So I’m air conditioned all over the place.

The guacamoles left me a birthday present:

bday presents

That’s a doggie bed duvet, and a photo book of historical photos from the area. (shout out to Liv ‘N Laf- I think there are some relatives of yours in there! Sue’s been M.I.A. while she moves into a new home). Here’s the card:

 bday card1 bday card2







Here’s last week’s progress on Quaker Halloween:

CS Quaker Halloween18

Not much to show- it’s too hot to stitch, or it was until I got my A/C.

I think it’ll be a DQ ice cream instead of birthday cake after the dishes tonight. I best get crackin’!


LivnLaf said...

Ha! LivnLurker here. You are on my reader so I catch every bit of news you spread. :-) So what's that all about???? Is it my brother???? You are too funny. I think I still have your e-mail...I'll drop you a line from there.

Deborah said...

Mary, it's about time you put the A/C in.!! How have you been able to stand it. Nice gifts fron the kids.

Bridgette said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your DQ, yum. I love those local history books I have my eye on some in my area. Your stitching is coming along nicely. Thank heavens for AC. I don't know how I could make it without. I don't have AC in my car right now. I am making my lovely 14yr old car make it a little longer & I refuse to pay the $500++ to fix the AC. As I say I have a "465 AC", roll down 4 windows and go 65, LOL.