Friday, July 16, 2010


Carole brought us two outstanding dessert selections last night:

Lemon meringue pie:

lemon meringue

and Baklava:


Both were extraordinarily delicious! Thank you Carole!

(I apologize about the photo size-these were cell phone shots).


Kimmie said...

Hmmmm...I'm looking at the fabulous counter top. LOL.

OK. The dessert looks really good too. :0)

Xeyedmary said...

I can't take any credit for either the counter or food! We meet at Jeanne's house. My house is over run with 2- twenty somethings and all their crap. Suffice it to say I want to run away and NOT tell them where I've moved to - it's THAT bad. If you want to know what color granite her counter is, let me know. She remodeled last year and did a fabulous job.