Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Too Hot….

to stitch, to cook, to sleep, to think…

Poor Chickie- her medicine seems to be working. I’ve started the oral medication; she’s only tolerating the oil on her food. It’s a good thing the steroids make her ravenous! Here she is soaking up some fan-age:

cool chickie

She’ll actually have her nose right up to the fan. I tried to get a picture but she moved.

Here’s Quaker Halloween, from last week’s efforts:

CS Quaker Halloween17

I lucked out tonight—I had just put 4 pieces of chicken (poultry, not dog) in the oven as the rainstorms started going overhead. And the lights went out, but only for a minute. Phew! That was a close one!


Peggy Lee said...

So glad your chickie was in front of the fan and not in the oven!
We finally had enough of the humidity and turned our AC on tonight around 9. It's too hot to sleep!

K-G Knitter said...

It looks like your Chickie knows where to hang out on a hot day! If only we all could stay nose-to-nose with a fan!

Deborah said...

Chickie is so cute. Aren't you loving the rain?