Saturday, February 5, 2011


rosy aslan edit

Chicken, Rosalita and Aslan in the back

aslan aslan2

Never liked the camera flash.

aslan3 aslan4 Aslan5 Aslan6 Aslan7

Delilah on the left, Aslan on the right

Aslan8 Aslan9 aslan lilee

Baby Delilah playing on top of her “new” uncle

 izzie kitty

New uncle checking out the new baby Delilah.

red aslan

Loved the sunshine

best aslan

Tied for Best-Kitty-in-the–Whole-Wide-World with his deceased sister Rosalita. Today they’re playing together again.

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LivnLaf said...

Awww. They are playing together and chasing butterflys and birds across the Rainbow Bridge. I'm sorry for your loss.