Friday, December 19, 2008

Almost done...

I'll write about our Stitch & Bitch Xmas party later, but will say for now: It was fabulous! I had a great time, and so much wonderful, delicious food prepared by Joanne (who's house we were at) and Jeanne. I must confess to a cookie breakfast, too!

Snow day projects:

One of Emily's totes (she's gifting these to others- aren't I a good mum?) (More likely a sap mum):

black tote

I still have to tack 2 corners of the base inside and then close the inner lining and it's done. One more of these babies to do. This took all afternoon, but I spent a bit of time puzzling over the side corner instructions - not clear writing, nor clear drawings. Hopefully, the second one won't take as long. Then the only other obligation sewing to do is an insulated sliding door curtain for Bob. The snow started around 2:00 here; I may have all day tomorrow to myself for baking cookies and the curtain, and the tree, and the........


I'll get to that dream later too!

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OnTheBit said...

You are such a nice mom! You get your kid a horse, make cookies, create cute bags for her to give away. She better be a good kid for all that you do for her!