Monday, December 8, 2008

Insanity Reigns

Because one can never overextend oneself too far, I decided to sew some doll clothes for my niece as a Xmas present. I have 4 more pieces of clothing to start & finish: The pink one I have to redo the collar as the raw edge didn't catch in a couple of places. And I still have dishes to wash and my lunch to make.


Here's Toil & Trouble- sounds like my life at the moment:


Doesn't seem like a lot since last time, does it?

Here's the kid at the Fall River Christmas parade- she had to drive Santa & Mrs. Claus, then give rides in the parking lot after. DSCN6188

Here's Jody:


That guy behind was the Comcast camera man following her around in circles in the parking lot.

DSCN6186 It was cold.

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Sue said...

OMGosh! The Fall River Christmas Parade! My brother is a Freetown Selectman. Small world. :-)