Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Freekin' Christmas!!!

As the late Chris Farley used to say.

I've been very wistfully reading thru other blogs hoping some Christmas cheer would rub off on me, but alas, I seem to be having a humbug Christmas this year. I did manage to get all my Christmas things-to-do off my list, leaving a couple or 3 non-holiday issues to deal with.

Bob went back into the hospital last Saturday morning, and I came back a little while ago from visiting him there. It took until yesterday (Wednesday) for the lung specialist to finally start his case, so it's almost been like 5 days wasted in the hospital. Plus, this morning they changed a lot of his med's around, so he was feeling kind of nauseous when I got there.

I was up until 1:00 am wrapping; not a lot of stuff really, but just taking my time. I was more interested in Chronicles of Narnia, than tape.

I finally trimmed my tree this morning:

blurry tree It's a bit blurry.







Here's the snow house and my mantel:

snow house mantel

Here's Chicken pining for her daddy:

DSCN62141 She waits by the door for him; first the front door, then the kitchen door.




I finished-finished 2 ornaments:

BrightNeedle Xmas2008 pinkeep

My alignment skills need some honing. This is my first pinkeep finish.

CCN Silver & Blue ornament

I like how this came out. Here's the back of both:

CCn BND ornament backs

Emily's finally on her way here with Luke to open presents.

Merry Christmas. Thanks to all who read and/or comment.


Sue said...

Gosh wonder you're feeling a little hum-buggish. I certainly hope the new year has better promise. Take care.

Wanda said...

I'm reading your post a few days after you wrote it. I am hoping that you are feeling a bit happier. I am sending "positive brain waves" your way! Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we don't get the reason but there is one somewhere. I one time spent Christmas all alone, 6000 miles away from my family (who was all together). I got so depressed I went to the laundermat on the army base to do laundry and spent Christmas with total strangers...who were all alone. I ran into one of those young kids a couple of months later who told me he had been near collapse and then...I walked in. My purple scarf, my laundry basket with like only 5 things in it and said with a big smile..."merry christmas everybody". He said that those 4 or 5 hours (laundry was really not the point for anyone) saved him from doing something bad. So...I think I was down and sad so I would figure out something to do (go to the laundermat) which led me to walk in there with a smile and feel the need to put one of those smiles on those guys faces' and eventually made that young man forget whatever bad idea he was formulating. Be strong Mary.