Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let it Snow...

My life now exists in snow depth increments: last night until 10 PM, I shoveled about 9"; this morning until 7:30 am, I shoveled another 4"; at 12:30 another 2"; and at 4:00 PM, another 1".

It's snowing again.

I'm so done with winter this year.

dec 20 2008 2

dec 20 2008 1

This is at 7:30 am, after I finished shoveling and cleaning off the car (and shoveling again). The snow on my picnic table is what was on my car.


"But where am I supposed to tinkle, Mommy?"

On the other hand, I got 3/4 of my cookies baked.

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Wanda said...

You had better not be oh so done with winter already! I think there's more to come! I'm sure there's something positive to say but I'm not quite sure what. Happy holidays!