Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mad Dash:

Another doll dress done:


As modeled by my pencil jar.

"Hey! Hey you in there! I need some scratchies and a fire in the stove would be oh so snuggly nice! Are you done yet???!!!Mommmmiiieee?"


I even managed to take Toil & Trouble out today at lunch. I was dreadfully over tired, but couldn't take a nap. Damn Tami Hoag book until 1:40 am last night!:T&T14

Haven't finished the "N" in "cauldron", but if you see any typos, now's the time to let me know!


Haven't mentioned the horsie lately because she's been really good for me- we've been having awesome (for me) workouts, aside from a couple of bitter cold days I just couldn't bear to get on.

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