Monday, December 29, 2008

Count to 3, THEN hit send...

I apologize for my maudlin tone in my last post. In the scheme of things, lots of people had a way suckier Christmas than I could even dream of having, so I shall try, cross my heart & hope to die, to not post when I'm at the verge of having a pity party for myself. (Which I did, on Friday) I feel a little better; Emily even washed my 2 lonely sandwich plates and 3 forks that had been collecting in the sink all weekend, after I screeched wailed how stressed out I am when she called looking for an envelope from home today. She also rode the horse, so I didn’t have to face that tonight, either. Not that the Axe has been trouble- I’ve ridden twice since my chaotic holiday frenzy ended; and she was wonderful. Nothing like a horse you can get right on after a 10-day vacation who you don’t have to lunge for 45 minutes beforehand to get the crazies out.

Riding even improved my mood. I also need to do some stitching- it’s been far too long since I last made any X’s.

I got the one huge to-do task completed today- I had to order Emily’s textbooks online. It took 2 hours of searching & comparing to make sure I had even close to the correct edition of some. It was such a painful headache of a chore. But it’s so much cheaper than for her to go to the campus bookstore.

Well, I have a fire trying to burn in the wood stove, so I really should go to watch over it and grab my stitching bag for some much-needed attitude adjustment.

Thanks for the good wishes and good thoughts and good advice!

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