Saturday, February 14, 2009


I've caught the cold/bug that either my boss has been coughing & sniffing about the office, or the plague that Em was carrying last Monday when she came over. Or a combination of both. Woopdy doo!
The aleeve cold & sinus formula has kept me awake 2 nights in a row. I switched to A "Tussin"gel cap from Walgreen's and a store brand Sudafed-that-doesn't-contain-pseudohepinephryneidinealaol. Whedeva.
It's kind of keeeping things at bay, but not quite. I've spent all afternoon trying unsuccessfully to nap, and wondering what to eat that doesn't make my stomach do flip-flops. The only thing so far has been chocolate. Which is wicked awesome considering it's Valentine's DAy and all. I suppsoe I could walk up to Walgreens fro soem drugs and 50% off candy. Do you know the ssuprmarket had Easter candy AND Valentiens candy out last night? Crazy I say.

Off to consider those typing skills. I wrote this in Blogger, so no spell check. Live writer checks & corrects before posting. Blogger just says "You mispelled somethign stupid" and leaves you to figure it out. I don't have time for that shit.


Sue said...

Pretty funny. Not that your sick but what you wrote I mean. :-) Feel bettah soon.

Rising Rainbow said...

Sorry to hear you have a bug. Hope you feel better soon!

Also, I had to laugh at the "Xcrazy" when I saw the horse pic in your profile I expected something horsey.....not cross stitch. LOL

Glenna said...

You're too funny, although you probably don't feel funny! Thanks for the info. on industrial tables. I'm looking for something other than stainless because we look like a stainless showroom as it is--I'm thinking something with heavy old wood and iron--something antique-y (40s) but not too decrepit. Or maybe like an old pastry counter. We live in a house that's got huge interior spaces, like a grange hall. It takes big furniture to look right--everything gets swallowed up like a flea. And yes, I'm pretty close to done with the first page, except in upper right-hand corner. And note: there is no "margin" or overlap from one page to the next, so you have to keep track of where you are and risk being just an eensy bit off. Argh! Hope you feel better soon!