Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm So excited!

I got my fabric for "And A Garden Grew"- Zweigart linen "Autumn Blush". It's perfect- it looks like what was used on the cover model for the chart:

autumn blush linen And a Garden Grew

Based on Glenna's comments, I think I'll baste in some grid lines.  Sadly, I haven't had time to sit and finish that last red tree in Toil; and I just realized my boss might REALLY screw up my day tomorrow. Crap.


Glenna said...

Hopefully your boss won't screw up your day!

The fabric is lovely. I've spent the last part of the week working on another project, so I'm kind of idling on a Garden Grew. Gridlines are a great idea. I'm also finding some of the thread colors aren't quite true to the picture, not in a bad way,'ll see what I mean. But I'm still enjoying it--they all have their quirks, don't they?

Linda in MA said...

Hopefully you got to get some stitching in this week. I can't wait to see a completed Toil. New fabric looks lovely, please bring it so we can all see it on thursday. Hopefully I'll have my new glasses then so I can see again. I didn't realize how bad these were until I had my eyes tested. Maybe that's why I am in such a slump?