Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Is anyone out there? It's awfully quiet in blogland this afternoon.
I hope everyone is OK?

Here's a photo from Ireland; my mom & I were going to Ballinskelligs and this ruin was on the way. I came across a new blog: Notes From Blue Hen Hollow. Siobhan is an American living in Ireland and I'm a jealous girl. The subject of my Irish horse vet came up elsewhere on the interwebs and his dreamy accent. Why can't I get me one of those? And then move back to the old country?



OnTheBit said...

Because you know Axe wouldn't like swimming across the atlantic thats why!

Wanda said...

I'm playing "catch up" today hence my comment on an older post...I went to Ireland with my mom once too. And we saw beautiful things just like you and your mom did. thanks for sharing the brought back wonderful memories!