Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Stitchery

I've almost caught up to Glenna:


Having all the excess fabric folded and pinned in about 5 places on the Q-snaps was making my palms itch (I HATE creases in my fabric that are caused on purpose!!) so I re-hung it on a scroll rod. I had to buy some dowels to cut down to 36". Now it's too big to bring to the office, so I started this:


'Blue Moon" by Bent Creek on 28 ct white Jobelan w/ Crescent substitutions.

Found out today after a week of sheer agony that I have a sinus infection. So my chest and throat muscles have been just killing me to exhaustion from coughing. So I get my meds home and take the first doses. Then I get the freekin' hiccups. For about 45 minutes. Talk about running me over with a Mack truck!

It'll be touch & go, ladies, if I get to stitching tomorrow- I don't want to pass this on.


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Anna van Schurman said...

I had the hiccups for 40 minutes on Sunday! What's the deal with that?