Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Igor! It's ALIVE!

And it's even been stitching:

Garden Grew:


I'm a little less than half-way  thru page #2 (Left to right), and I started a wee bit on page 6 (I think)- that stick thing to the right , below the snail. The page numbering goes:





Here's Blue Moon:


I started riding again Monday night. Axe was a bit frisky after her 9+ days off. We had gone 3/4 of the way around on our first canter when she did a couple of crow hops, and dropped her nose with a nasty, ominous shake of the head. 35 year old muscle memory kicked in & I sat back & deep and kept her nose up, moved her forward and then halted her. Then resumed the canter without further incident. I'm very proud of myself. I really didn't want to land in the dirt with a dislocated shoulder or worse.

So I have to get going- I've got a little routine going where I get the dishes washed, then get ready for bed while the tea kettle boils, then sit down for TV & stitching- by 8:00 so I have to go!


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Sue said...

I know about head shakes (and not to be confused with the otherwise "normal" gaited kind)...and crow hops and a bit of a snort. Johnny has had 8 days off since the little toe incient...he'll be the same...full of piss and vinegar.