Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day # 39..

more snow today. Based on dire forecasts from yesterday, my boss & I made the executive decision to remain closed today. Of course when I cracked my eyes open at 7:15 this morning, it hadn't even started snowing yet.  Minor pang of guilt, beaten out of me by a little dog crawling all over my stomach wanting scratchies and a tinkle walk.

Here's my Toil & Trouble progress:


I'm hoping to at least finish that tallest tree today; I have bills to pay and the dreaded taxes to finish (I've been avoiding!! and procrastinating!!!) and Em need a new cell phone, so I have to waste countless hours on the phone figuring out how to do that (major logistics problem too boring to tell)and then my farrier is coming out this afternoon at 4:00.

I think I might be starting a new head cold- no heat Monday at the office again- it was 39 degrees at 8:00. My boss strolls in around 9:30 after his gym workout and gets the heat back on. It doesn't hit 66 degrees until almost 1:00. I had a little space heater but it only seems to warm the body part right in front of it. So my hips down to my calves were roasty, but my hands and feet were ice cubes. I knew I was too chilled for too long when I got home and went riding because I thought I felt warm. It was 15 degrees at the barn. ........Yeah riiiiiiggght!

Here's my home-dyed linen that's too small for "Garden Grew":pomagranite1

It's the fabric on the left- it started as a 40ct piece of "Bisque" linen. I dyed it twice in a bath of Pomegranate Pizzazz herbal tea. The other piece is a 40ct piece of "Ivory" linen for contrast. I like how it came out, but alas, it's about 4" too short to use. I ordered a new larger piece of already dyed fabric that hopefully I shall have soon. Glenna already started her sampler. I can't wait to start!

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