Monday, January 19, 2009

If at First You Don't Succeed,

GO shopping!

My electricity went out minutes before my alarm. Until it came back on, I had no water either (well pump), so no shower. Or light under which to shovel my driveway. So I curled back up under the covers.

Lights came back on about an hour later; I went out to see how much (more) snow we got last night. Another 6" or so (we got about 6" yesterday too), but the plows got the end of my driveway good. So an hour and a half later (and lots of cursing that I live on the right side of the road off the main street so I get ALL the snow dumped in the end of my driveway every storm), I'm able to hop in the shower. I drive up to work, very late at this point (10:00), but I figure I've given the plow guys at the office time to do their job. I slow down on my boss's street, and there's a 24" high by 4 or 5 foot deep plow wash blocking the driveway, and the driveway itself hasn't been touched. So no plow guys on MLK day I guess. No way I'm going to try to breach that snow bank in a Corolla. So I drive past and head to IKEA for the last day of their winter sale. Look:


All kinds of Xmas ornaments, plus 2 of those large black & white storage boxes, PLUS 6 rolls of silver/gold generic wrapping paper for less than $27!

Then I got my tax software and some paper at Staples and came home. I had my obligatory IKEA cinnamon bun with my coffee at home so I could share with Chickie.

Here's my snowy world:



I'll probably be cooped up doing tax returns, FAFSA & CSSProfile applications for financial aid (last ones for me, hopefully!), so I might not be blogging much until those are done.

Stay warm!


Glenna said...

Yikes. Very pretty, but one more reason I no longer live in Mass. And you had a highly productive day anyway!

Wanda said...

Keep smiling!!