Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Thanks to Glenna, I found my missing JCS 2007 Ornament issue. She bought Rosewood Manor's "And A Garden Grew" so I commented that I'd stitch along with her when she starts, so I went looking to see if I bought fabric, and there was the magazine! Yay me!

Axe's ankle is getting better, finally.

here it is last Wednesday:


It's her right rear (which is on the left in the photo)

Here it is tonight before walking & ice:


and after walking & ice:


Sorry for the strange sepia color- these are cell phone photos.

LOST starts tonight at 8:00!!! I have to go wash dishes & make my lunch



OnTheBit said...

gah...that was not a good looking ankle. I am glad it is getting better though.

Glenna said...

Yay for Axe's ankle--and for finding the missing JCS issue. It makes me NUTS to look for stuff I've misplaced. I've been doing a tally of the threads for the project, and I have at least 85 of them so far. But I notice, the way it's charted, the designers have given us a list of threads for each page, which is a big help. I plan to start in the upper left-hand corner, probably this weekend. I'm not sure I like the fabric I've got for it--and I'm doing it on 32 ct, so it needs to be 24 x 24, so if I decide against using the piece I have, I'll go get another this Saturday. So a weekend start maybe. My plan is to stitch it slowly, a motif or two at a time. Kind of a loose SAL?

LOL about packing your lunch. I just did that too. If I don't do it at night, I go to work empty-handed and have to spend my stash money on lunch!

Wanda said...

So glad Axe's ankle is doing better. I don't know a thing about horses but I do understand the love of a 4legged family member. what season of Lost is showing there? I have to wait until they come out on DVD. Then I end up watching the entire season in less than a week!