Thursday, January 15, 2009

So Close!

I'm closing in on the end of Toil & Trouble- if I just sat down & actually stitched on it.

No heat at work this morning- 50 deg's at 8:00, dropping to 49. No propane. Delivery "before the end of business today". He gives me the word to go home (Yay! I can stitch!), just as I go down the stairs to leave, the propane truck shows up. Damn!

Now it's up to a balmy 52. It's supposed to be snowing at home, too. Perfect day to go home early on his dime.

Axe has a puffy back ankle. I think she strained it in the paddock.

She's walking on it, but it's warm and swollen. So no riding, as if I'd do that in zero degree weather!

Back to my shivering. It's hard to type in gloves.

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