Thursday, January 8, 2009

Filling the blanks...

First we have a “Mostess” cupcake: chocolate cake with vanilla marshmallow filling and a bittersweet ganache frosting. The little squiggles are white chocolate butter cream.

mostess 3

Then we have a “Spring Fling” cupcake: vanilla cake with a strawberry marshmallow filling and a white chocolate butter cream frosting.

Spring Fling1

The inside:

Spring Fling 2

Lastly, we have a “Good Time” cupcake: chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and Ghiradelli chocolate frosting. I also created a vanilla cake version.


We all ended up gabbing instead of stitching, except for Jane, and maybe Joanne?

Now I'm full.

Thank you and good night.


OnTheBit said...

Drool :P......

Linda in MA said...

Too bad those of you who can just read the blog didn't get any cupcakes, they were awesome! I think Jane was the only one who did any stitching. I know I didn't do any.