Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starting the New Year with a Drip

instead of a bang. Heart palpatations from the boiler- the drain valve started dripping yesterday.
Luckily Bob has a friend who does heating and he came up & looked at my beast. He was able to successfully tighten the valve (I didn't want to touch it for fear the corrosion would cause it to snap completely), and he determined a few problems that need to be addressed in the spring. I just need to keep a vigilant eye on it thru the rest of the winter.
I went to ride yesterday, and the indoor seemed to be locked. ? I'm about to go up after this post to make another attempt. Jodi's usually good with warnings about anything, so maybe I didn't jiggle the knob enough, or it was an accidental lock-out.
Em's off to Southern Californiafor a few days. The pleasures of young adult-hood. She has a good friend at MIT who just sold a video game of his own invention, for a very large sum of money. Large enough to take 10 friends (I think that's how many are going) to CA and pay their airfare & hotel for the trip.
Me, I get to stay home and run down cellar with a flashlight 10 times a day.
Bob finally is able to get around & about. He's not 100%, but he's bored with staying home. He & his doctors are still trying to get his breathing on an even keel. Every visit to the hospital in Wareham really screws him up with their non-sensical procedures and prescription practices.
Instead of stitching, I have to confess, I've been reading. I just can't do both. I really, really, want to do some work on Toil & Trouble.
I'm going to attempt filled cupcakes for stitching Thursday night. I have 3 flavor combos planned.
Big secret for now.
Well, I need to get changed to ride.


Linda in MA said...

Oooh! Cupcakes on thursday. I can't wait!!!

OnTheBit said...

Did you ever see "A Christmas Story"? The Furnace wrangler...thats you! I hope that it stays alive all winter. And YUMMY cupcakes...feel free to send any rejects my way!