Sunday, January 25, 2009

Insert adjective here_____

So I bought a piece of linen upon which to stitch "And a Garden Grew". Why I can't do simple addition is beyond me. I knew for 32 ct I'd need 24" SQ.  by adding 6" to the 18"  SQ. design size. Somehow I got that I'd need 18"Sq. for 40 ct. fabric- design size of  14-1/2" SQ. And after I spent the better part of yesterday dying my 18" x 27" "Bisque" linen to a beautifully muted mauve, I measured and it shrunk to 17" before pressing. It won't be big enough girls! Damn! I wanted to start this weekend!

Ms.Axe's ankle is looking fabulous. Now I need to start riding her again. Except it's too darn cold.

Bob is feeling better (did I mention he was back in the hospital all last week?) They seemed to have dislodged the mucous blockage by literally pounding on his back, plus 8 days of progressively stronger IV antibiotics  to knock down the pneumonia infection for good (we hope)

I have one of the last trees on Toil filled in; you'll just have to use your imagination until I'm not too lazy to pull the camera out.


Glenna said...

Aaak! I'm sorry about the fabric, and I have done such things myself.... I'm doing it on 32 ct, but because you kind of need to start at the corner, I bought extra fabric because the thought of making a mistake and running out of room after all that stitching scares the bejesus out of me. Wait 'til you start sorting all those damn skeins of DMC!

Linda in MA said...

Too bad on the fabric but I am sure you'll find a use for it. I've noticed I was coming up as Manchester, NH for some reason. Now I've re-entered you in my blog list and I am coming up Boston, MA. WEIRD!!!