Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lots & Lots of Stuff!

Progress on Rites of Spring:

ROS 04

Progress on next Quaker Xmas Smalls:

quaker xmas 202

Jeanne & Joanne bought birthday cupcakes for Linda & I from a new place called "Cupcake Charlies" in Mashpee.

Here's the (almost) empty box with requests for a refill:

bday cc 1 

My two take-homes:

bday cc 2

Chocolate Overload in the rear; I already had 1/2 of one of these- it was SO delicious! And a Toffee Something in the front. I also had an Oreo Delight which had a cream filling that Hostess dreams of being able to create, and 1/2 of a CHocolate Mint Madness. If you go to the website & scroll down, you'll see the menu. I think the Toffee one is a special of the day.

Just fabulous! Thanks Joanne & Jeanne and Samantha!

Presents from Jane's stash:

Gaelic Blessing     Gaelic Blessing Kit 







Mary's Pin Pillow

Mary's Pin Pillow







A skein of Thread Gatherer's Silk ' N Colors "Turquoise Fields"  from Linda resting on top of the 40ct. cream linen for my E.Davis Sampler:

floss & fabric

And, last but not least:

And a Garden Grew 

I think I have now reached S.A.B.L.E. I have at least reached the point of having too many designs I want to start all at once.

Thanks ladies for all the fun birthday gifts- I love(d) them all!

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