Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ups and Downs

SO the Axester has tossed a shoe again. I was getting on my chaps when Jodi called out that she thought Axe had lost a shoe. I went out to the paddock to check, and my good girl didn't run away, but let me catch her and sure enough, she was missing a back shoe.

So, maybe the gods are telling me she needs a break. Jodi and I figured that she had to have lost it today, because Em had walked her on pavement yesterday and would have noticed "clip-clop, clip-shuffle". She offered to help me look for the shoe in the paddock- it's at least half an acre big, and as luck would have it- I found the sucker! Right near the gate next to the fence. Axe might have kicked at a fly and caught an edge of the shoe in the wire fence and yanked it off. It's a clean pull- not a lot of hoof chunks came off with it. Plus there's not a lot of dry, rocky ground to walk across to the paddock, so Axe can still go out on the grass. At the old farm, she'd be stall-bound so as not to break her hoof apart.

I also actually stitched 3 strands of floss on my purple Quaker ornament:
Yep- that's as far as 3 strands got me. Here's where I was before.

And this following picture is of a little mouse figurine I bought in Ireland last year. I came across a bag of stuff I hadn't put away ( I was looking for a Guinness cake recipe) and found this still wrapped up, and stuck it atop my monitor shelf:

As you can see, he/she is waving goodbye! Time for you to stitch!


sandra said...

Stumbled across your blog somehow. Same interests, cross sticth & horses. Only own one horse but own too many cross stitch projects!! I am in Oz, NSW, dont have a blog. Hope you don't mind me dropping by to hear about your horse and what projects you are up to. Sandra

XmaryX said...

Hi Sandra-
I don't mind at all if you drop by- the more, the merrier I always say!