Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Icky Sticky

It's been way too hot to even turn on the computer, never mind sit on the couch and stitch.

Saturday morning I worked in glorious A/C; by the time I left & called Bob to say I was going to pick him up, he said traffic down thru Wareham was so backed , up I'd never get there. So I dissolved into the couch, almost literally for the rest of the day.

I picked him up Sunday morning after my ride, and we went out to lunch at the Stoneforge Tavern. I got steak tips, he got a rib eye. Both were yummy.

A wild thunderstorm blew thru Boston; 10 men on a soccer field got hit by one strike of lightning when they sought shelter under a tree. I believe 5 are still in critical condition. Emily told me she had to ditch a fare to get her horse & carriage into a parking garage to wait out the storm.  She's Ok though.

It finally got cool(er) tonight; I hope to actually pull out Rites of Spring.


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