Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh Sweaty Days...

Here's progress on Rites Of Spring:

ROS 02

So far it's a lot of fun to work on. The double circle motif reminds me of a wedding sampler, though, so I might hold off on the text & turn it into a sampler for my friends D & J.  Mmmaybe not; mmmmaybe so. I actually bought a chart, floss AND fabric well over a year ago at Cranberry Cross stitch- Deb  helped me convert the floss to Crescent Colors (how's that for product placement!) for their wedding sampler - I should take that out to start sometime. I don't even remember the design, just that it had a pair of swans.

I had to stop at Michael's on the way home & get another scroll rod to hold this. I can't find for the life of me find my 18" scroll frame.

And of course, there hasn't been any 40% off coupons for a couple of weeks. I got a 24" set for $14.99 (full price), knowing that eventually I HAVE to start Cirque de Circles, Paradigm Lost, and Quaker Virtues. Plus the E Davis Sampler and WhistleJacket. All these charts are ginormous.  E Davis is going to be at least 20" wide fabric.  oh and "And a Garden Grew" - I have that on order.

Geez Louise- I need to retire.

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Glenna said...

I'm with you on the retiring! Yes, I've seen the Rosewood Manor Garden sampler. Love it, but I'd probably do Sail Away (Shep. Bush) first, if I ever finish Charlotte Clayton and a half dozen others.

I'm landing in Providence around noon, so I figure pretty much she'd be open one-ish on a Friday. It's on the way, no matter what. It'll be fun to poke around, and I'll give her the message--hee!