Thursday, July 10, 2008

Places to Go & Things to Do:

Progress on Rites of Spring:

ROS 03 This is working up very quickly; I'm liking it a lot.






I started another Milady's Needle Xmas ornament:

quaker xmas 201

It's the little bit of purple below the first one I did. I'm using Thread Gatherers' silk "The Lavenders" which was left over from Creepy Kids.



I rode tonight- a nice one, after S&B. The Axe was good for me considering she hasn't been ridden in 2 days.

Speaking of  S&B, Jeanne brought a lemon blueberry pound cake which was scrumptious ( I have a piece for tomorrow!) and Nancy brought assorted pastries from Konditer Meister. Yummy!

Tom might have work for me for a few Saturdays; he says all of a sudden things are picking up. This is awesome seeing as I have to buy oil AND firewood this month.

Bob has been feeling crappy the past few days- dizzy, no appetite. I thought maybe dehydration as that has happened before to him. My next fear was precursor to heart attack which I did not want to dwell upon. He went to the doctor today and they found a spider bite behind his ear. They drained it and put him on antibiotics. He's already feeling better. He has SUCH a sensitive body chemistry. It's a relief it wasn't anything serious.

Off to wash dishes and to bed. There's a skunk outside my house making Chickie bark, which in turn is making it lay stink bombs.


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Glenna said...

Thanks for the closing time, Mary--as it turns out, I just canceled all my plans this evening--all the reservations-everything. I cut my knee badly (taking out the trash, of all things) and in mopping up, I simply decided I was too tired and cranky and depleted to even attempt it this weekend, so I'm going next month instead when school is over. Bummer--I know my mom is disappointed, but it's only a month.

And my guy, Tom, is not feeling well, so I've been worried about leaving him (worried about the heart thing too--although I think he just has a really bad case of indigestion), so it all works out for the best.

How interesting that a spider would cause that!

Rites of Spring is beautiful, by the way!