Monday, July 28, 2008

Where has my mojo gone?

Not wanting to blog, not wanting to stitch either. Not even wanting to turn on the computer.

Bob & I went to that chain Italian restaurant of the gardening variety yesterday. My chicken parm was good, although I could have used a bit more pasta. Bob HATED his grilled shrimp TV advertised special of the month. It was supposed to be glazed in a garlic-y sauce over a bed of angel hair pasta in a garlic vegetable sauce. I noticed he ate his amount of pasta in about 3 twirls of his fork, and had stopped eating the shrimp. He said it was the worst thing he's ever eaten: the shrimp had no flavor, they were previously frozen and were rubbery & watery, which is why any sauce just couldn't stick. There was hardly any pasta to speak off, which was surprising since it's the cheapest ingredient in the dish. To top it off, we were eating at the bar itself. There were 3 other couples eating in the bar area at tables(so not very busy) who had waitress service, and the bartender was enthralled in speaking with some restaurant head honcho instead of making sure were didn't need more than 1 breadstick a piece or more drinks. I told Bob to forbid me from ever suggesting we go there again- it seems to get worse & worse each time we go, which is only like once or twice a year. I think we'll switch to Bertucci's- I think they're better priced and more creative.

Axe has been Ok; I'm not sure about her hocks though. She makes these slippy/slidy steps sometimes with her back legs- just a single step and I'm not sure if it's the footing or if she's having trouble. However tonight she did three steps in a row and I just about threw myself off her  back because I though she was going down. She walked alright & I got back on & trotted her for Jodi who thought she just looked a little stiff, like she always does.


more to worry about. :^(

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OnTheBit said...

I am not a fan of the O.G. myself...there are just so many local restaurants with better prices by me. Sorry X was slipping...hopefully it is nothing to worry about. Maybe she really is just stiff.