Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Me!

Em came home for a bit yesterday afternoon and rode her horse. She thought at first she was lame, but she continued and she worked out of it, so maybe she IS just really stiff. I'll have to save up some $$ so I can have evaluated again. Jodi uses a different vet than my Irish guy, but I know her vet is also an awesome leg guy, and conservative- not so anxious to go the injection route, but rather tries less invasive (and less expensive) treatments first.
So anyway, she also bought me a gift certificate to Cranberry Cross Stitch - YAY me! AND
a pepperoni pizza from Baldies- Double YAY me!
I didn't expect the gift certificate (I had requested the pizza) so I'll have to ponder just what I want or need or have to spend it on. That will be a pleasant diversion from college tuition fund worries! Good thing the governor would rather give tuition breaks to illegals instead of keeping the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority in the business of giving loans (oh yes- loans that HAVE to be re-paid!) to students who have been in college for 2 years already.
Don't get me started!


Anna van Schurman said...

Can your leg guy evaluate me too? I can't tell you how stiff I have been in the mornings! Could it be the bowling last Sunday?

XmaryX said...

Well, if YOU need to be evaluated, then I'd definitely recommend the Irish vet ! ;^)
He's just SO wicked dreamy, and his accent-SWOON!