Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's still wicked humid- yesterday we had a tornado warning, so I unplugged every orifice on the computer. It's pouring buckets right now, but no thunder or lightning, which makes lil' Chickie happy. Except for having omitted doing all "her business" when I came home from work when it wasn't raining so hard. I had to take her out at 1:35 this morning for tinkles becuase she was too frightened to go before bed last night. *SIGH*

Here's all I've stitched this week:

ROS 05

That's it- Rites of Spring. Now back to my regularly scheduled stickiness. Can this summer be any more humid??? We've had about 3 days of dry (less than 60% humidity) since mid-June. I'm quite done with el Nino or la Nina, thank you very much.

Sorry to all youse guys in Texas , with Dolly and all. Take care.

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