Monday, July 27, 2009

And Now, Back to Our Program...

Sorry- I've been barn sitting all weekend, well since Thursday. Lots of running back and forth from barn to home (and Chickie) and home to barn. But the silver lining was lots of stitching time!

I got a lot done on Garden Grew, except my camera batteries died, and I kept forgetting to get new ones when I stopped at home.

Anyway's, not enough time to make a proper post, and then the tropical humidity kicked in, making the prospect of turning on a hot, fire-breathing computer very unlikely for a tired poop shoveler.

I will try to do so tonight, although I should warn you my grass needs mowing (yet again! It really should be done every 6 days, but I'm lazy) and I know it's going to wipe me out. I'm already looking forward to the cool shower after.


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