Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And she stitched!

Garden Grew just a little:


I'm going to try to do a little more tonight. I've started Page 7, but have to adjust the scrolls to finish the bottom of Page 6.

In other news, one of the roomies is moving out: Em's BF is taking a carriage driving job in Portland Maine. I'm sure she's heartbroken, and actually I had a lump in my throat for her as they drove off. So far it's been working out well, them as roommates, not any real problems at all. We've been having tons of rain, so I haven't had to worry about well water. He's just been having problems getting a Massachusetts driver's license, which is a requirement for a carriage license, and most other job opportunities. Apparently, this isn't an issue in Maine, at least for carriage driving and this company is offering more money than he can make, license-less, at Em's company.

adam blackjack2

Adam on a recycled Boston Police horse named Black Jack. He was labeled "vicious" , and thus was one of the first to go.

love blackjack2

Vicious indeed! He & Adam became the best of friends. He was training him to drive carriage.

Em driving:

emily driving1

I think this is Big Charlie. (Yes, there's a Little Charlie, too!)


Here's she's conversing with Jake about sharing her lunch.

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Wanda said...

Such a love..that viscious horse. Maybe it's a matter of getting love to be lovable!