Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Quote from Frosty the Snowman:

"Happy Birthday!"

Got this:

Bday present

I'm a huge fan of LOST & this is the best possible present from Em & Adam! The 2 cards are from them as well. The one in front is from Em- inside it says "Ever get that tingly feeling? Like your eyes are going to bulge out of your head? Happy Birthday" It's an inside joke- Chicken's got bulgy eyes...

So then I mowed the lawn (almost 2 hours- damn rain keeps making the grass grow) and went to the supermarket for this:

bday cake

And I ate it right out of the box. Why wash even more dishes on my birthday!!??

Tonight Em & I are going to see Harry Potter & grab some Mexican at QDoba. Hopefully, he won't be too offended and file harassment charges against us.



OnTheBit said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Glenna said...

Happy Birthday to you! The cupcake looks great!