Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer's Here!

Not staying long- I've spent 4-1/2 hours standing in the hot sweaty sun holding political signs. But I owe some pictures:

Garden Grew:


A close up:

GG23 macro

I was going to call it a night after stitching the bluebird, then I looked at the chart, saw the ladybug and had to continue.

Snapper Sleigh Ride:

sleigh ride 2

This would be about done if I just stitched on it. ;^(


Linda in MA said...

So how did the vote go?

Glenna said...

Definitely worth getting the lady bug done.

Wanda said...

Your garden makes me smile! And could you go to be before stitching that cute ladybug? I had to laugh at your comment on the sleigh true!!! Stay cool!

LivnLaf said...

I think I would have had more fun holding a political sign in the hot sweaty sun than deal with the "hot" horse I had yesterday. With the mild weather and lack of attention he seems to have slipped back to his stallion days if you know what I mean.
The "Garden" looks great!