Sunday, December 13, 2009

I’m Dreaming of…

lots of sleep! Trip #2 to Boston this morning for another load of stuff. I’m glad to say it’s actually looking like she’s divesting of things. It was sweet going in- I hit all the lights on Mass Ave. green until Huntington. Then all green again until Beacon. Same going out- all greeeen!


I went to ride this afternoon, the Axester was a gem as usual. Just after I started, the hay guy showed up with 375 bales of hay. I helped Jim & Jodi unload what was left- about a third of the truck. It’s nice clean-smelling stuff, and each bale feels like the “right” weight. The horses got scraps from the couple of broken bales- they snarfed that right down! But now my hands are a bit sore. i had my pebble-grip knit gloves, which was better than nothing, but they really weren’t heavy enough protection from the baling wire. Last night we all got together for  Xmas dinner at the Longhorn. It was my first time there- it was excellent! I got steak tips, mashed & a Caesar salad. The waitress screwed up – Jim & Jodi ordered the same thing and the waitress put a “2” next to their order. Jim got 2 baked potatoes, and Jodi didn’t even get a plate! They expedited her plate, though, and she was eating about 5 minutes after us (we all waited initially). We were done early, so I did a bit of shopping at Borders. I totally wasted about 15 minutes of the floor help’s time- I vaguely knew the titles and premises of 2 different genres of books, but not enough for him to actually find what I wanted. Not his fault at all- it was my fault! You can take the girl out of the barn, but you can’t put her in a book store!

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Linda in MA said...

So it was Borders! Who tried to help you - o girl without a brain?