Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wicked Wednesday Wrecipes

Please forgive me as I type sideways so the kidz can watch a movie. Also, I’m angstidy angsting over the impending visit to my mom. She’s doing well, surgery went fine and she wants to go HOME! But my brother convinced her to go to a rehab place, which gives me time to find a decent airfare. So to relieve anxiety, instead of typing something out, sideways, (which can only end badly considering how poorly I type head-on) I am going to link to what can only be described as a “show-stopping” dessert. I made a half recipe, which filled 4 mini spring -form pans, based only on having read the post.


I am definitely making this full size next chance I get.

Smitten Kitchen, my hips curse you!


Rachel said...

I so have to agree with the cursing on that evil post! I gained 10lbs just reading and looking at the pictures!

gods help us! (lol)

now where did I hide my spring-form pan...

Wanda said...

Oh man...I don't CARE about the curse!! I MUST HAVE THIS!!!