Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh Joy!

Look what my favorite daughter and her cabana boy

2 guacamoles

got me for Christmas:

new camera

!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!

Here are the rest of my gifts:

gift haul


“Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow” is from my barn owner; all the rest is from the kids-“Hello Cupcakes!” and “Bent Objects” AND (!!!!!!!!) “The Pioneer Woman Cooks”, fleece jammie bottoms and a fleece jacket. The jacket matches the camera- HA!

I went to my stitching store closing sale today and got this:

out of business sale

more Thread Gatherers silks, the fabric for CaHRH, plus 2 more pieces, a couple of packages of needles and Deb threw in 2 freebie charts.

Chickie left me a couple of “presents” in the basement. We’re having a little chat tonight about that.

I had a wonderful day- I hope you did as well.

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Wanda said...

GREAT gifts! You are truly blessed