Saturday, December 5, 2009

You better Watch out…

or your ornament hooks will get into the liquor cabinet and hold a wild party over the year hidden in their box in the basement:

ornament hook orgy

The only thing you can do to separate them is to pick them up by the scruff of their skinny little necks and give them a good shaking.

Enough came to their senses so I could complete this project:

tree 2009

I also finally had some time for this:


Sorry about the funny angle; I love those crows!


Glenna said...

I love the crows too. And what IS it with the ornament hangers? Your explanation is the best one I've seen.

Wanda said...

Really nice crow work! I really like it. It isn't necessarily a typical subject and that makes it even better! One year I threw out all my ornament hangers and got plastic ones. They never get tangled!