Saturday, March 20, 2010


As everyone’s favorite unwed woman of a certain age, THE Spinster Stitcher , might say. Here in all its unironed glory; behold:

The Great Pumpkin Conspiracy

The Cricket Collection’s “The Great Pumpkin Conspiracyon 28 ct. LSL “Exemplar”with WDW and GAST substitutions for most of the DMC as well as the as-called-for Silk’N Colors silk threads

I’m only 90% sure I’ve got the fabric right- I just went diving thru all the crap in my bedroom looking for the receipt and/or the bag the fabric came in. I found an empty bag marked such near the top of the bin where I usually keep my fabric. (And I’m sure you all can believe how many other charts I found that I forgot I had purchased!!)

Then I moved back to this:

noel freebie3

My Noel freebie. I was fairly certain what I wanted to start next, but based on a couple of the forgotten items I just found, now I’m not sure.

I had to barn sit last night while Jodi & her husband went to visit Jodi’s daughter who just had her first baby.

It was SOOOO pleasant today being able to walk the dog this afternoon with just a t-shirt and jeans and no jacket! I turned Axe out naked! I figured she could use some sunshine on her coat to help soak up some vitamin D!


Lee said...

It looks great! Congrats and enjoy the nice weather!

Marcy said...

Your pumpkin conspiracy looks great. I love this pattern and need to get my own started.

Isn't spring wonderful!