Monday, March 1, 2010

Cough, cough…

Em’s horse was covered in mud today. it took almost an hour to scrub her clean. I feel all grimy and dirty; my nose is filled with dirt. Good news, though: for some reason she’s not so tickly this spring. All I got was a bare wave of her tail when I curried then brushed under her belly! Usually I’d get a cow kick aimed at my head!

I finished this last night before bed:


So that’s February’s ornament done (but not done done). I think I’m going to do this from Gazette 94, a new to me blog. She has some gorgeous freebies!  Carol S. from Garden of Stitches stitched it recently- scroll down to her Feb.14th post. I got DMC 4210 variegated red. My mom is going to do this one too. (she actually pointed it out to me). I haven’t pulled out a fabric yet. (Put that on the To-Do list)

Em returns from FLA and mom’s house tomorrow. Hilarity will ensue, to be sure!

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Wanda said...

This little guy is sort of freaky, in a cute sort of way. And the colors really are perfect!