Thursday, February 25, 2010

Etcetera, etcetera…

I’m almost finished with my Arelate little guy.


I wish I could find more time for Pumpkins- I really want to finish that and move onto something else. Here’s tonight’s progress:


We’ve suddenly got lots of work at work, so I’m not stitching as much there. For all you worried about the economy, I work for an architect. If we’re busy, then builders and sub-trades and developers will get busy too.

My sump pump is back to pumping every other minute or so- melting snow and heavy rains today, with more due tomorrow and Friday. Anyone have a spare ark I can borrow?

Em’s at my mom’s for a week. I don’t know who’ll come out on top- kind of like WWF (Wild Women Fighting?), Battle of the Amazons- which, if you knew how tall these two are- you’d FOTFLYAO. I’m 5’-3-1/2”. I tower over the 2 of them!

As I suspected, I am worrying far too much over the cowboy’s diet than he is. Which only makes me worry more. He got a job at Smartpak in the warehouse. He said it’s like a candy store of horse stuff! Eventually, after his probationary period, he’ll be eligible for a discount.

I’m enjoying LOST (abc-TV). I wish it wouldn’t end! I keep forgetting about Amazing Race on Sundays. I’ve started to watch that about 3 seasons ago. Can’t say I’ve watched any Olympics….not so much into sports done while freezing one’s ass off. I’ve missed the last 2 episodes of “24”. Other than that, I pretty much cook, then wash dishes. And drive people back & forth, and take the dog out to pee. Fun times!

Axe has been enjoying our walks, especially when I scratch her withers in a certain spot then let her roll to her heart’s content in the indoor.

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