Sunday, February 7, 2010

I’m Back!

From my Mom’s. She’s doing much better, up and mobile to a certain extent. I also saved a bookmark to my blog on her computer; I figured she could keep up with me and my antics better that way. (So now I have to keep things clean!)

It’s been a crazy 2 weeks: the 2 guacamoles drove off to California (!!!!!??????) so between getting them off with a least a screwdriver for “in-case” purposes, and getting all my last minutes done, complicated by Bob going to the local ER (yet again), then ambulanced to a “real” hospital in Boston with internal bleeding and having to make emergency arrangements to leave Chickie at the nearby kennel Friday night so I could leave very early Saturday, and being at my mom’s, my blogging has been sporadic at best- sorry!

Bob was released (more like broke out) Thursday night, so he was able to pick Chickie up Saturday. He said she was so excited to see him, she jumped almost up to his waist- she of the 12” high and he of the over 6 feet! He let her have the run of his wrap-around porch and she had a blast chasing squirrels and figuring out what sea gulls were.

Em & Adam made it to California thru 3 blizzards in a 2 wheel drive Nissan pick-up- not so much fun, I’m sure. And after a week there, Adam has become seriously sick, and Em had to take him to the ER because he was vomiting blood. So far they’re running tests- his blood sugar was all over the place and they told Em if she had waited another hour he would have gone into a diabetic shock and died. More fun times. (Sorry- I haven’t forked over the $3.95 for the “Sark mark”) sarcmark

It’s so hard because she’s so far away. This morning she texted that he was in a lot less pain when she left last night. I haven’t heard any more yet…

I DO have stitching photos, but my house is in a state of blechh, with the cats having taken over for a week, leaving their hair all over everything. I’ve decided to stitch an ornament a month again this year. I started and finished my January’s on the 31st, and am almost done with February’s, plus I have more progress on Pumpkins. Pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.

Axe is well- she got new shoes while I was away. She wasn't sure if she was happy to see me, and with Em gone, I’ll have to take up riding again. In all my free time.


“You have to spend time with ME, mommy!”


Glenna said...

whoa--eventful, especially with the two guacs going to CA (only kids would drive cross-country in a truck in the dead of winter!) and with Bob, your mom, the horse, the dog!

Thanks for the advice on the Ben-Gay--I'm going to go rummage around--we must have some somewhere... The shoveling has made my BUTT hurt!

Anna van Schurman said...

That's a lot of hospitalization for one group of people. I hope they are all better soon.

Word verification is "equirst" which reminds me of the horse (equi). Is "rst" for rest or "st" for "one who?"

Wanda said...

You're right...that's alot going on but not GOOD stuff! I hope Adam is feeling better. That's scary stuff. And Bob too...broke out? Humm...why am I not surprised. Hope your mom is on the mend as well. You're taking care of a whole lot of people (yes, you CAN do that even long distance!) not to mention the critters. Wow...and you still found time to blog? You're my hero!